Join CS50's own Hailey James '19 as she meets with CS50 alumni to talk about struggles they faced in Computer Science.

Meena, a math enthusiast and one of five employees at a technology startup, discusses her time as the founder and president of the student group Gender Inclusivity in Math (GIIM) and the data she gathered on the comfort levels of undergraduates in the Harvard Math Department.

Natasha, an extensive educator across various fields, recalls encountering the difficulties of implementing a computer science class as a middle school principal in the early 1990s.

Ana, a Harvard senior studying economics, realizes a surprising intersection between data-driven tools and her interest in development economics.

Corinne, a software engineer at Microsoft, addresses the discomfort she felt venturing into computer science with limited coding experience and why she stuck with it.

Shafeeq, an engineering student at Yale, examines the role he can play to better expose young students to computer science.

Sari, a former computer science professor, looks back on his time as a teenager learning to program in a country with minimal internet connectivity.

Sari continues with a story about opening an internet cafe in Syria. At age fifteen.

Sari concludes his story of learning how to code with tales of chat rooms, family, and blocked emails.

Abby, a student at Harvard studying computer science, describes encounters with computer science ranging from programming books to chess games to sleepless nights.

Margo, a computer science professor at Harvard, reveals the origins of Sleepycat Software, a database infrastructure company she co-founded with her husband.

Saber, a high school computer science teacher in New York, admits his own unfamiliarity and discomfort with computer science in an effort to promote a mindset of growth in his classroom.

Kasey, a tech blogger and software developer, spends her time coding, teaching high school students, and performing at children’s birthday parties.

Kasey and Haley discuss the impact of high school teachers on their lives.